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UH Coastal Center

Home of the Texas Institute for Coastal Prairie Research and Education

Welcome to the University of Houston Coastal Center!

The University of Houston Coastal Center (UHCC) is designated by the Texas legislature as the home of the Texas Institute for Coastal Prairie Research and Education and is home to a mosaic of habitats: high-quality coastal prairie, forested wetland and manmade wetlands, and coastal prairie in the process of restoration.

Ever see a prescribed burn set to a beat? Listen and see the 2023 prescribed burn of the UH Coastal Center’s AUMANN PRAIRIE from a drone’s eye view in the thermal colors of the rainbow. Drone footage courtesy of Marc Mokrech, Environmental Institute of Houston.

Soil Carbon Study of Remnant and Restored Prairies

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UHCC is a Place of Activity

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Featured Videos

UH Coastal Center: Aerial Spraying to Manage Invasive Species

The UH Coastal Center conducted aerial spraying of the invasive tallow species in fall 2022. The spraying, conducted by helicopter, targeted 100 acres of tallow as the coastal center works to restore the landscape to its native prairie landscape. The tallow, native to China, is considered a fast-growing species that can quickly spread.

UH Coastal Center: Prescribed Burn

UH Coastal Center staff, firefighters and volunteers burned about 100 acres of coastal prairie land in a controlled burn on February 27, 2020 at the University of Houston Coastal Center in La Marque, Texas. The fire promotes biodiversity on the prairie and it also provided firefighters a unique training opportunity.

UH Coastal Center: Seasonal Plant Succession

Following a prescribed burn in February 2020, the UH Coastal Center saw a grand showing of native plants like liatris, coneflowers and rattlesnake master. UH Coastal Center Program Director Evelyn Merz and Director Steve Pennings describe why the burn produced such a vibrant seasonal plant succession.

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